Veg Harumaki and Fried Pickles at Oishii Japanese Restaurant in Houston, Texas -

Oishii on Richmond Avenue near Greenway Plaza is a tiny place, packed tight with sushi lovers and busy servers. The menu is full of sushi options, as well as other Japanese fare like udon noodle soup and fried rice.

20140328-233236.jpgThey have lots of vegetarian and vegan options and are very willing to accommodate special requests (like no egg in the fried rice). We went a few times with omnivore family and they had a ton of choices, too.

I liked it so much that I’ve back four times in a month. Yeah, it’s that good. I can’t seem to get enough of their veggie tempura roll, spinach roll, black mushroom roll, udon noodle soup, veggie fried rice and fried pickles. Oh, and you must try the fried bananas for dessert.

The boys devoured their fried tofu and fried rice. They also fought over the fried banana. Clearly a winner.

Speaking of the udon noodle soup, Oishii serves it with a little jar of spices. You must try some. The S&B Nanami Togarashi has chili pepper, orange peel, sesame seeds, Japanese pepper, ginger and seaweed. It adds a spiciness to the soup that takes it to another level. Think of it as a Japanese version of Chalula hot sauce for your tacos. But for soup.

Vegetable Udon Noodle Soup at Oishii Japanese in Houston, Texas -

S&B Nanami Togarashi Japanese Soup Seasoning - VeryVeganish.comI liked it so much that I asked the server if I could buy a bottle. He kindly told me where I could find it. We mentioned that we looked for it in Chinatown (Hong Kong City Mall), but couldn’t find it. He suggested a store on Blaylock that I couldn’t pronounce. Sounded like an adventure. I was in.

Oishii’s hot green tea is on par with the organic tea at The Path of Tea, the Japanese teahouse on West Alabama, which means it’s good.

Come during happy hour (3-7pm during the week) where you can get some of their more popular dishes for buy one, get one free. It’s an amazing deal, considering their standard prices are quite reasonable.

Also, bring a sweater because it’s usually cold, most likely because the servers are always moving and there are so many people coming in and out. Overall, we have been very impressed with Oishii and have already added it to our list of favorite restaurants in Houston.

Have you been to Oishii? What’s your favorite dish?


Abi Cowell
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  1. I love Oishii!!!! Best happy hour sushi prices in Houston, hands down. I love their vegetable tempura roll and their agedashi tofu! I’ll have to try the udon next–that looks really great.

    1. Ahhh, yes!! Another Oishii fan. I’m so glad my sister introduced me to this place. I always get their vegetable tempura roll, but I haven’t tried the agedashi tofu. I’ll look for it next time I’m there!

      With the cooler weather (hopefully) coming to Houston, that udon should hit the spot. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by my site, Erika!

      1. If this is the place you guys took me and I think it was they had the best black mushroom rolls and they were so friendly and the soup was amazing!

  2. Your photos make me very hungry! What camera do you use for your shots? Also I never been to Oishii, but it looks like a place worth visiting. Another great article, keep them up I look forward to the new ones :).

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