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The day I lost it in the kitchen

We've all had bad days in the kitchen. Right? I hope it's not just me. The day I lost it in the kitchen | Very Veganish.

We've all had bad days in the kitchen. Right? I hope it's not just me.  The day I lost it in the kitchen | Very Veganish.It’s a beautiful Saturday morning.  It’s 69 degrees outside (heaven for Houston), my kitchen is relatively clean and I’m in a good mood.  I’ll make pancakes!

Oh, pumpkin pancakes.  YES.

So, I turn to my trusty friend: Google.

I look for a recipe that I have everything for.  Found one.  To the kitchen!

It calls for 1/2 cup of pumpkin, but a can has three times that much and I didn’t want to waste it, so I tripled the recipe.  We love to freeze extra pancakes for busy mornings.  Perfect.

My boys and I proceed to make a HUGE bowl of batter, making it exactly like the recipe instructs.  The only thing I added was a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten it up (it didn’t call for any at all).  Not a big deal.

We let it rest for 5 minutes. Then, stirred it and let it rest another 5 minutes.  Like it said.

We fire up the non-stick griddle, slather on the coconut oil to make sure they don’t stick and go at it.

I get all happy seeing the little bubbles come up, wait until they’re good and read to flip.  Scott, spatula in hand, goes to flip one. Hmph.  It’s stuck.  Well, flip the spatula over and use the other side, I tell him.  He works on one for like 20 seconds trying to unstick it from the pan, so he can flip it.  Well, crap.

He fights with the other 5 pancakes on the griddle to no avail.  When he finally gets them flipped, there’s a layer of batter stuck to the pan under each one.  And, they’re not holding together like they’re supposed to.  We pull out another pan, that we use a lot for heating up tortillas and such.

We slather on the oil, pour the pancake batter and wait.


We try crisco. We raise the heat. (Yes, I still had two sticks of crisco left in the fridge from God knows when.)


We fight with one long enough to actually get it “done”.  We taste it.


Barely any pumpkin flavor, not even the tinyest bit sweet.  Bland and gross.

Now, I’m so irritated I start doing dishes.  I clear the sink, so I can dump that giant bowl of nasty batter in the sink.  I’m DONE.

And, I’m really, really hungry.  Not a good combination.

I don’t know about you, but I cook because I’m hungry.  That’s why I’d never make a good chef in a restaurant.  I’m not really interested if I’m not hungry.  And, I was hungry before I’d even attempted to make the flipping pancakes from hades.  Now, I’m hangry.  And, ready to throw something.

Thankfully, washing dishes kept me from hurling a projectile across the dining room.

Those dishes got done really fast. With minor casualties.

Moral of the story: Don’t make triple batches of a recipe you’ve never tried before.  It’s better to waste a cup of pumpkin than a gallon of batter.

Oh, and wash dishes when you’re angry.  It’s a stress reliever.

Lastly, breakfast tacos actually do what I ask them to do.  Always rely on breakfast tacos.  They never let you down.

Ok, make me feel better.  What are some of your kitchen disasters?

Abi Cowell
Abi Cowell is a pasta-slinging food and travel blogger with a cup of tea in one hand and her phone in the other. She believes that making even small changes in what you eat can improve your health and quality of life. Her family of four travel for fun and purpose, homeschooling on the road and love sharing their fun adventures and tips for family travel with you.

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  1. Abi, I had the same thing happen to me TWICE, with 2 different recipes; talk about frustration. Your mouth is salivating thinking about how delicious those pancakes are going to be dripping with maple syrup, right? I tried 2 different types of oil (on a non-stick skillet, no less), finally the only thing that worked was Earth Balance sticks. I couldn’t believe it, and I don’t know why; it’s a mystery. Oh, I did end up using my stainless steel skillet with the Earth Balance, voila!

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