We made a beautiful fruit salad for a party this past weekend.  It had loads of perfectly ripe bananas, apples, green and red grapes, strawberries and oranges.  So delicious and healthy.  The green grapes were especially good (we got them at HEB, by the way).  Well, the party came and went and we still had about a quart and a half of fruit salad.

The next day we took a look at it and you know what we saw.  Chunks of -still perfectly edible- fruit that we didn’t want to touch.  The bananas really make the whole thing unappetizing.  But, we didn’t want to throw it away.  Then the hubby has a great idea.  Smoothies!

So, I tossed it in our Blendtec with a splash of the fresh strawberry limeade (also leftover from the party), about half a cup of ice and a cup of frozen papaya and pineapple, to thicken it up.

Make smoothies using leftover fruit salad and frozen fruit VeryVeganish.com

I poured tall glasses of it for the boys for breakfast and they sucked it down like nobody’s business.  They usually nurse smoothies for a while, but these were gone in a flash.  Maybe because they were not as super thick as usual?  Or, maybe it was the combo of fruit that they loved?  I don’t know, but we’ll have to test it out, because smoothies are quick, easy and full of nutrition.  [Plus, momma can hide really good stuff in smoothies and they usually can’t tell.  Muahaha…]


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Abi Cowell
Abi Cowell is a pasta-slinging food and travel blogger with a cup of tea in one hand and her phone in the other. She believes that making even small changes in what you eat can improve your health and quality of life. Her family of four travel for fun and purpose, homeschooling on the road and love sharing their fun adventures and tips for family travel with you.


  1. Dear Abi….thanks so much for sending this to Uncle Tom. I am home now and not returning to work since the surgery. I am looking forward to trying out some of your restaurant finds and recipes. You always had very good cooking skills, like your mom, and really appreciate that. Looking forward to more news.
    Aunt Pat

  2. Great idea, Abi; that’s exactly what I would have done.  I would probably have to at least write down the ingredients, esp if it came out delish (can’t trust the old sr memory anymore, lol).  Can’t wait for future issues!  xoxo

  3. weissmann We’d never done it before and it turned out so well.  I can’t remember a lot of these recipes either.  I have to record them or I’ll never be able to duplicate it.  Haha!

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